The Red Iron Motorcycle Club is an organization dedicated to family and community service. Our Mission is to educate the community on fire prevention and motorcycle safety and to help our community and its citizens in any way possible.

We are a brotherhood of firefighters, EMS personnel and Veterans that are brought together by our love of riding motorcycles. We are a family oriented club that supports our community through charity events.


Effective September 7, 2013, We are officially changing our club to...

The Red Iron Motorcycle Club

This change is directly due to events in Arizona that have brought question, and dishonor to the word BROTHERHOOD.  The feedback that we have received after these events have shown us that we want to disassociate ourselves from any confusion.

The Red Iron Motorcycle Club prides itself on maintaining a reputation of honor, both within the motorcycle community, and the general public.

We want to be the proof that you can't judge a biker because he wears a patch.